The current Jennings Law Firm has its roots in various firms that go back decades in the beautiful and historic town of Denton, Maryland. We have an acute understanding of the local legal setting. However, our attorneys also bring a breadth of experience to the table, having practiced not only here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, but also in large firm/large city settings. Our attorneys have tapped into that breadth of experience to forge a strong reputation for delivering skilled and experienced legal counsel to individuals and businesses throughout the Eastern Shore.

At the Jennings Law Firm, we will provide you with a clear and honest assessment of your legal issues. We are lawyers, not salesmen. All legal matters – whether it is negotiating a contract, handling a family law dispute, or navigating full-blown criminal or civil litigation- involve some degree of risk. We will not simply tell you what you want to hear. We make sure our clients understand all the benefits and risks involved in our proposed courses of action.

At the Jennings Law Firm, you can expect an honest, straightforward evaluation of: the merits of your case; the potential drawbacks and hurdles in your case; your chances of prevailing; what you are likely to recover if you do prevail; and what our representation may cost.

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